Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 2- June 30th, 2011- at the apartment

Well I just got to my apartment, it"s old and a little sparse, but I"m sure I can make it homey in no time.  i have my own room, but there are six rooms total...and only one bathroom.  Right now there are three other room mates that I haven"t had the opportunity to meet.  Once I get all settled in and they"re done with whatever they"re doing I"m sure we will get aquanited.

I don"t think they are all American, but I"ve been told over the next couple of days two other girls will be arriving, and atleast one of them is from the states as well.

First on my agenda is to exchange my money, next it will be food and then some time today I will be finding a pillow, because in the four bags of luggage that I brought, that is the one thing I forgot.

I"m gonna grab a shower and take a nap, then I"ll be meeting with Nathan (the guy in charge of the program) to get all the information and junk.  I start classes Monday : )

P.S.  I"ve taken pictures of the inside of my apartment, however still trying to figure out how to upload them on this ancient computer.  May have to go to an internet cafe or use a computer at the university... but pictures to come : )


  1. I didn't think of a pillow...hope you find a good one...

  2. Good morning my love....Have a great day and hope you found that pillow......

  3. dont worry i found a pillow today, a very comfortable pillow, so i am set : )