Monday, July 25, 2011

Days 13-16- July 11th-14th, 2011

This is totally cheating but should get me closer to caught up on my blog, and sense I have such as full schedule, nothing that eventful happens during the week.

Monday was the first day of Spanish Class at UBA. It starts at 9:30 and I missed my alarm and didnt wake up until 8:45 when one of my roommates poked their head in to make sure I was alive, haha. They wanted to get there early since it was the first day so I sent them on their way. I scrambled around to get ready, and then ran and hopped on the bus. Its a very good thing I am good at quick exits, I was only ten minutes late, and hadnt missed anything.
The first day of class was introductions and getting to know everyone, basic stuff. After class I hopped on the subte...for the first time by myself...and made my way to my Individual ballet class. Chichi kicked my butt to state it lightly haha. Then I made my way to san telmo and first exchanged more money. Then I went and sat in Havana, a cafe near by, but never got asked if I wanted anything, I went around 4 during siesta, and the workers don't want to do anything. After 15 minutes of that I left and headed to Origen but it's apparently closed on Monday's so I decided to try the cafe across the street.
I got a banana and milk licuado, which is basically just a smoothie, and then some ravioli and chicken, it was pretty good.
In true argentine style I sat there for an hour and a half and listened to music and choreographed. Then I headed home to have thirty minutes of down time, and then we were off to night ballet.
Tuesday I woke up a little early (atleast for me) got dressed then headed to the cafe on the corner for cafe de leche and media lunas, then headed to spanish. After Spanish kristina and I headed to a cafe across from (UBA) our school, and had lunch and did our homework, then I headed to my first pilates class.
I really enjoyed it. We get to use pilates machines, you get individual attention, and the instructor seems very knowledgeable about dance. Then I had a short break for a snack then it was time for flying low, which is an awesome class. It can be quite fast sometimes and use a lot of upper body strength. Then we headed to night ballet with chichi. So I left the house at 8:30 am and didn't make it back until 10:30 pm.
Wednesday I overslept for school. I went to Origen for lunch, and got a really good Caesar salad. I then met up with a couple of the girls to share a taxi to tango. Each class everyone gets a little more comfortable. We worked on technique and played partnering games. After tango we cabed it to jazz with sole which was a very nice class. I wanted to stay for tap but the teacher was unable to teach it because she had to man the desk, so we walked home.
Thursday I made it to Spanish but a few minutes late. After class I rushed home because I hadn't gotten to shower in two days. The shower was working correctly, so I took advantaged and showered a really long time. Then met up with some of the girls because laura found a bus route that could get us to tango, which is much cheaper than a cab, but we were a few minutes late, then we went home on the bus, then later headed to night ballet once again.
As you can see this week has been nothing but running around from one place to another, but I'm defiantly getting more comfortable commuting around the city, even by myself.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pics from Uruaguay Trip

Me and my boots on the fairy

Me on the ferry : )

the ferry

colorful town

all us girls in the restaurant for lunch


Us in a car that has a table

By the water


Light House

Fredo Yummmmm

Took hundreds of pics, these are just some of my favorites : )

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 11 and 12-July 9th and 10th 2011

I know I haven't blogged in a while, I've been kept really busy, but here I go....
I went ahead and combined the weekend because Sunday wasn't that eventful.
Saturday morning we got up around 9:30, and everyone met at our apartment at 10:30 so we could catch a ferry to uruaguay :)
We rode in two taxis to get to the ferry place, and while we waited for Nicky to buy our tickets we went to sit in their little cafe, and then got kicked out of our table because we didn't want anything, even though we were the only people there. While Nicky was trying to pay the teller told her the 100 peso bills she had were fake, even though she knew they weren't because she just got them from the bank.
That's a very common trick here, especially with cab drivers. They'll take it, tell you it's fake, and then hand you a fake 100 peso bill. So the key is to look at the last 3 digits of the serial number on the bill and read it to them so they can't change it.
But anyways, a manager came over and checked them, and of course they were all real. Then we had time until the ferry left so we ended up back in there cafe. Everything was ridiculously priced and so I just got a sprite. Then it was time to get lined up for the fairy, and as we started to walk through the door way, they kicked us back out. It seemed like they kept trying to get rid if us locita Americans, and the Canadian, and the Australian, and the English lady hahaha...but they were just making room for the people who were getting off the ferry.
Sense we were going to another country we went through customs which was quick and easy. Got our passports stamped and everything. And got on the ferry which was practically empty so we all got to sit by the window. Oh, did I mention we just happened to be leaving Argentina on it's independence day? So noone was leaving Argentina. The ferry rude is only 55 minutes and I slept through half if it. But we were crossing the worlds widest river. It's very short though, it's just barely considered a river haha.
When we got to colonia, uruaguay we walked to an adorable restaurant. It was bright and colorful with lots of pictures and character. It had a huge menu, and I just ended up ordering chicken and salad...always a safe choice, and it wAs good. The restraint even had cars outside that they put tables in so you could eat there too, it was very cute. After tha we went into a church and then walked down by the water for a bit. Then we had two hours to separate and do whatever we wanted. I chose to explore and walk around the town. It is much quoted than buenos aires. I went into some stores and came across some cool parks. Later I ran into a couple of the girls and we hung out near our designated meeting spot.
When we all got together, Nicky told us that we missed out on the oldest part of the town so she walked us over and showed us, it's a very neat town. And we they too had Freddo, our favorite ice cream place, so of course we had to have some helado.
Then we walked back toward the port, along the way a sweet little dog followed us sense we had food in our hands, but he stopped two blocks from the port. I wished I could take him with us, but even if I could get him on the ferry, and on to the plane home, there's no way I would have been aloud to bring him home with me haha.
Then I slept the entire time back to buenos aires. This ferry was actually full so we didn't get window seats, but it was dark anyways. Everyone must have been coming to celebrate independence day.
We had plans to go to a club in Palermo with one of our new argentinian dancer friends, actually from uruaguay ironically, but is here studying ballet. However, none of us took into account that everything closed at midnight, so we decided to stay in. But one of our roommates Olivia had people over and had music going, and we invited Laura 2 over and then Gabriela had a couple of people over, and before you know it we has a small party going on.
I stayed up til five am...but other people were still up.. If you know me you know that I'm always the last one to bed, but I was so tired.
Sunday I slept until afternoon. Didn't do much because everything important was closes because it was election day. Two of my too ages and I went to a cafe for a little bit, the I cane back to sleep at the apartment. Later I got up and walked to a nearby park to go run, however it was a beautiful day, finally a little warmer, and Sunday is family day, and there aren't many parks in town, so it was crowded. I ran for ten minutes, then I just people watched. It was a lot of fun though, then I came back to the apartment, and just stayed in the rest of the night.
I'm working on posting pics, just have to find a non temperamental computer, or have the time to mess with it. More blogs to come :) love y'all!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 10- July 8th Adios!

I got up early this morning, and went to morning ballet class, it is the last chance I'll get to take it sense I'm starting Spanish lessons on Monday. It was a nice class, then on my break I walked a couple of blocks to this vegetarian restaurant all the girls have been talking about. It had everything from empanadas to a salad bar to Chinese food. It is owned by Chinese people, in fact there is a large Chinese population here.
Anyways, you get a container and fill it with what you want and then they weigh it and charge you based on how much it weighs. Then they wrap it up and you take it to go. I took it to the studio with me and I sat and ate and read my book while I waited for class to finish. Then it was time for my individual class. I really enjoy it because she is helping me with my specific problems. By the end I was really tired and kept forgetting the combination half way through, chichi decided I was probably done, which I was. Of course it was already time for her to dismiss me anyways.
Then I bundled up and walked to the subte and rode it all by myself for the first time, and I didn't get lost :) then I walked to my apartment, and had fifteen minutes to sit down, then it was time for me to walk to flying low. That was poor planning on my part. I walked to flying low by myself also, and did not get lost, and I was even early enough to set up my pilates class times and start stretching.
Class was great once again, I thoroughly enjoy rolling around on the floor. After class we walked as a group to the nearest subte, which isn't so near, so we could head to ballet class.
I was really tired during this class, it had already been a long day. I even managed to slam my knee into a hook on the wall, which almost brought tears to my eyes. It hit that joint right between the bones, but I kept going of course. My knee is still sore, but luckily it didn't Swell up too much. That class was a little rough only because I was so tired, but eventually my stamina will be built up. After class almost all of the dancers went out to eat to say good bye to one of the Shannons. She's been here for 6 months, and Shes going back home on Monday.
It was a cool restaurant. It was buffet style. They cooked meat and then there was everything else, from fish to Chinese food to salad stuff. We all sat and talked and ate way too much. More than I think I've eaten all week put together. It was good, there were even deserts and ice cream, which we all partaked in. I was really tired, but in true argentine style we sat and ate and talked until one o'clock in the morning.
Then we slowly walked towards the bus stop, saying bye to everyone as they split off. We waited in the cold at the bus stop for what seems like a long one and the bus was finally coming, but it passed us by because it was already full of people. We waited a little while longer, and the next bus came, but it was also full of people so we finally decided to cab it.

Day 9- July 7th Hablas Espanol?

Today was the day for us to get registered for Spanish lessons at UBA. We were supposed to meet Nicky at her apartment at 8:30 so we were supposed to leave at 8:15, and guess what time I woke up? 7:55. So I jumped in and out of the shower quickly, and got dressed, and I was still the first one waiting by the door to leave. I need to give lessons on quick exits, because I have them down pact.
So we hauled booty to Nickys apartment, because it is kind of a far walk. She walked us to UBA, and we got into line. Even though the office doesn't open until nine, everyone gets in line early. When it was our turn they told us to come back at noon to take the placement exam. It was a good thing we had to come back,because none of us brought our passports, which we apparently needed.
Since it was so early we stopped at a cafe for coffee and medialunas and filled out our forms. We went and got our passports and then headed back to UBA, this time we got to take the bus. We took our tests and got registered. By then when had 30 minutes to get to Tango, so we grabbed a cab and got there 5 minutes early this time :).
Tango was much more comfortable this time, and it was fun. We played more partnering games and worked on some of the technique of tango.
We went back to the apartment after and relaxed, I even got a nap. And stretched and listened to music. Later that evening we took the subte and headed to ballet class. I had so much energy on the way there, the relaxing helped. After class I was so tired and weak. When I got home I ate the rest of my salami and cheese, and now I'm headed to bed.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 8- July 6th shall we dance?

After a night in with the girls, we all slept in. We didn't have any classes til four so I took my time getting up and ready. We had tango first, at a studio none if us have been to, so we all decided to meet up and travel together at 3:20. Well we couldn't figure out what bus if any would take us there so we decided to walk. We walked for an hour before we got there. Obviously we were late. If this was ballet it wouldn't have been a big deal but the tango class is only an hour and a half, and in rented space.
The tango class was created just for those of us in the dance abroad program and Mariela ( the instuctor) brought three of her intermediate male students. Tango was created as a form of communication between groups of people who spoke different languages, which is quite fitting. It was a little awkward as any partner dancing is. We learned the basic steps, a played a few partnering games which helped with leading and following, and the awkwardness. By the end we were all more comfortable and it was a lot of fun.
For simplicity purposes we shared a cab to the next studio for "modern" which was actually jazz, but had a contemporary feel. There isn't really any modern classes here, but it was a good class and I really enjoyed it. After the jazz class there was a tap class, and I had my tap shoes on me. If I wasn't so hungry I would have stayed for it, but I will next week.
We were all hungry so we stopped at a market on the way home. I bought me some salami, cheese, and crackers. O and cookies and a bottle of wine. I snacked on the cookies on the way home, they're awesome. I haven't partaked in the wine yet, I was too tired. After I ate dinner, I headed to my room for some down time, at 9:30!!!! So early for me, but it was an exhausting day!
Pictures to come, love and miss everyone! Besitos!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 7- July 5th, 2011 Second Day of Classes

Today I got to sleep in a little bit, which is good, because yesterday exhausted me. Three ballet classes in one day was a little much when I havent been in class in three months, but it was good for me.
Needless to say i woke up very sore. I stayed in bed for an hour after I woke up and read, because I didnt want to move. I had to get up and get dressed finally to meet Nicky, a lady helping with the program, at 12:30. We went to Origen, our meeting spot, and went a head and grabbed lunch. I drank tea and ate this awesome chicken and veggie sandwhich.

It was kinda big, but I ate it all. All this walking and dancing is making me hungrier. But Ive been eating a lot of healthy food, other than the ice cream : ).

Then Nicky walked us around San Telmo a little more. Showed us the market that is near by. We went at the time where most were taking a break, and probably a siesta, so it wasnt that busy. But there were lots of fresh fruits and vegitables.

Alll the fruits here are sooo good and cheap. I didnt buy anything from this market, but overall theres good produce here.

Then Nicky showed us where two of the studios are and some really good restaurants and cafes. She even pointed out the area of where all the art galleries are so Im gonna try to sneak over some time and take a peak. I love the artwork here.

Then we went back to the apartment and headed out to class.

the view from our apartment window

Me and the roomies headed to class

We had a flying low class, which is basically a contemporary class where we spen 98% of our time on the floor, and I loved it. It was a nice contrast to all of the ballet classes.

Then we headed to balllet. On the way to class I bought 6 litres of water, because I was out, and 2 kilos of oranges for 5 pesos. Which was like 12 oranges for $1.25. It was a lot to carry but worth it.

I was much more comfortable in class this time. I finally felt like I was dancing, because yesterday was a little rough. Its all in spanish, its a new teacher, new studios. I could actually perform closer to my own level this time, and it was a good feeling.

We rode the bus home, bought a couple of bottles, dropped our stuff at the apartment, and headed to Laura 2s apartment. We hung out on her roof and had a couple of drinks and ate snacks and talked. They had me bartending. It was so much fun, and exactly what we needed after a long day. We then headed inside and hung out until 330 in the morning like true Argentinians : )

Luckily we get to sleep in, because we have nothing in the morning.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A few Pics of July 3rd

the Sunday street Fair

Putting on a little solo tango show

Love me some argentine artwork

Our new favorite litle cafe, awesome pizza and empanadas : )

Me and Kristina, my roomie from LA

A litre of Stella, yummmmmmm

Which paired well with the empandas...

and the pizza : )

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 6- first day of classes

If you read my previous blog, then you probably already guesses that I had to drag myself out of be, because I had to wake up at 8 am. If you know me, then you know I don't wake up at 8 am in any time zone, but that's 6 am Texas time. Anyways, I had packed my bag with snacks, and dance shoes, And extra layers, the last night. All I had to do this morning is shower and dress, which took me an hour because I had to convince myself to get into the shower, and out of the shower, it's sooo cold here in the mornings. Then the adventure began.
Our roomie Laura has been here for three months, so she showed us the way. We have to walk like five blocks to get to the subte(subway), then we ride the c line for three stops, then we get off and get on the b line and then ride thAt for another 3 or 4 stops. Then we get off and walk like five or six blocks to the studio, and this is all before class.
Five of us in the program took ballet, along with some other argentine students. The studio was tiny, I kicked and got kicked I don't know how many times.
The instructor "chichi" is very sweet, but she only speaks Spanish. It was a ballet class so I could sort of follow along, but I would have to admit I was a little thrown off. There were times when I knew exactly what she was saying, and other times not so much. I still really enjoyed the class.
I then had a break so me and one of my roomies went to the supermarcado And I bought water and some strawberries, that look very fresh but I haven't tries them yet. Then we went back to the studio and ate a snack and waited. Once the next class was over, it was time for my individual. I lllloooovvvveeeedddd it. I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone, but I got a lot of good specific corrections, even though they were in Spanish. I think these individuals are going to be very helpful.
Next was my roommates turn, and I waited because we Are both new to this subte thing...boy are we new!!!
When her class was done we bundled up and hiked to the subte, got on the b line and got off at the right stop, then we accidently got on the green line, then had to ride back, then we finally got on the blue line but got off at a stop too early, so we had to walk really far.
We made it to our new favorite cafe and ate some empanadas and salad to refuel, then it was time to head back to class.
So we walked again to the subte, but we took the right trains this time, probably only becAuse we ran into our other roomie at the subte. Anyways we nicked to another studio in the same area, but a little bit farther down the road. This studion was a little bit bigger and actualy had marley floor, which is next to impossible to find down here. So we took another ballet class, then road the bus home because it stops closer to our apartment then the subte and it's night time. But the four of us got off the bus a couple of stops late, and had to hike once again.
This is when I decided that I deserved helado. We put our stuff up at the apartment and ran into another roommate that just arrived, so we went to get helado, and it was ofcourse delicious.
It was such a long day. All the Spanish can be a little overwhelming, and mentally exhausting. And all the walking and dancing is physically exhausting...I'm already sore, can't imagine what I will feel like tomorrow, but it is definitely satisfying. And now it's bed time.
Happy fourth everyone!!! And I will post pics of the last coue of days in the morning, I have free time then, because Spanish classes dont stArt til next Monday and that will be my morning activity.

Day 5- July 3rd, 2011

Delayed blog...yesterday I slept in, Then we had a group meeting to get our schedules :) I have four ballet technique classes a week, two individual ballet classes a week, two "flying low" classes, which is contemporary, one modern class a week....soo excited. Then me and one of my roomies went shopping, and went to eat....that's basically it, then we hung around the apartment and I stayed up wwwaaayyy too late reading but it is a good book :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 4- July 2nd, 2011 Only in Argentina

oday was a day of a lot of boring with a little excitement thrown in. Last night when I went to bed at 11:30 I thought that was it, but at 2:30 I woke up to music and singing in the common area. I decided to check it out and it was one of my roommates and two of the other dancers in the program. They were all dressed up and invited me to go out with them. Did I mention no one even thinks of going out until atleast two in the morning here?

I hesitated at first, but hey I´m only here once, so i went and got dressed and we went to a place just around the corner from our apartment. A raegae club. Did I mention that other than their fashion they are about ten years behind on everything else? This club was supposed to be happening, but when we got there, not so much, we were too early, go figure. So we decided to run (because it was cold) to another near by club, and I was totally wearing the wrong shoes! but anyways, we got to the club and there was karaoke!!!

Needless to say I slept until 11:30. I got dressed and got myself organized, then headed out for a few groceries. I was getting cold and tired so I headed back to the apartment, but I did stop for an empanada first, and it was muy delisiouso!!!

I took a nap and did a little reading, and then headed out on a search for a pillow, which I finally found. YaY!!! I picked up a few more groceries and then headed back in to read and check email and such.

When I thought I was done for the day and was contemplating my pajamas, the new roomie showed up, and some of us headed to Capital Pub, the first bar in San Telmo, for dinner. Then we girls head to Fredo to get Ice Cream. Im gonna have to get into class quick if we keep eating ice cream, because its soo good.

Anyways we just got back, but Im already in my pajamas, so I really think im going to bed this time.

Goodnight All!!! Love yall and miss yall : ) o and ill post pics tomorrow morning

Pics of July 1st exploration

the center of the apartments is open air, its a cool set up

La Calle defensa (the street defensa) that im living on

the breakfast i had at Havana

the plaza i lived really really close too

part of a mural on a building

statue at the park i found

a political poster, covering another political poster, which probably covering another political poster

a cathedral

my first beer in argentian, its called Chopp, its pretty good

these are just a handful of the pics and the things ive seen, but you get the idea : )

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 3- July 1st, 2011 ¨oh the places you will go¨

En la manana (in the morning)

Sitting in Havana, a cafe, waiting on my dos medialunas y te on lemon (2 croissants and tea with lemon) Just walked down the street a ways to see what was around. Its a very busy street. The internet was right, it is very european here. Not many latin american cities that i know of have a cafe on every corning...but im not complaining : ) And the people seem to be very laid back here, which doesnt completely shock me. Its 11 am here and several of the tables are full of people just talking and sipping on their coffee. Ive yet to meet an angry or rude person here, however, id hate to hear what they say while they are driving....They drive like bats out of hell down here. I was told that the only true threat to my life down here would be a bus, car, or motorcyle. They dont seem to pay attention or follow many traffic laws. However i cant say its any better in New York, LA or Dallas for that matter.

En la noche (at night)

After my little excursion to the cafe i went back to the apartment and picked up some of my money because i found a place to exchange it. However they sent me back because i didnt have my passport on me. so i made a second trip. Then i walked all over the town. Ive never seen so many cafes bars and antique shops in such a small area, but it was really neat. I found a book store which is good because i only brought two books with me and i finished the first one in two days, and im starting the second one now. Once i start to classes on monday i dont think ill have much time to read though. Ive been kinda lost will all this free time on my hands im not used to it.
Any ways, after about three hours of walking i was getting cold so i went back to the apartment to warm up and read a little. Then i went and walked around on the other side of my apartment for about an hour and a half, and managed to find a really cool park. Think i might go run there tomorrow. Then the neighborhoods started to look a little sketchy, so i turned around and walked back towards my apartments. Later I found out i was right to turn around, its not a bad neighborhood per say but it has its moments, and wouldnt be the best place for me to go especially by myself.
Then once again i headed back to warm up and finish my book. Later i met nathan (the guy in charge) and Mariella (the tango teacher) at Origen a coffee shop. I actually drank over half of a cafe con leche. It wasnt so bad, i think their coffee is better here than in america, especially starbucks. Then i was given a tour of the neighborhood, he showed me the directions of where i shouldnt go at night, and i got to see two of the dance studios. I would have to say that was my favorite part. They are both in really cool buildings and have unique set ups. I cant wait to take class.
Then i got to meet two of the other girls that are in the dance program with me. We went to their apartment but the lights were out so other than the structure i couldnt really see what they looked like, but both girls were nice.
I decided to walk home but around the corner from my apartment i heard tango music coming from a bar cafe so i decided to go in. There was a couple on a small stage doing the tango. so i sat down at a table (dont worry my back was to the wall so i could see everything around me, my daddy taught me well) and watched the end of their little show. Then i just people watched a bit. Apparantly i dont stick out too much because everyone speaks to me in spanish and expects me to understand what they are saying, sometimes i do, sometimes i dont, sometimes i just fake it.
Then i was hungry so i went home and ate a peanut butter sandwhich. I timed it just right because my roommates were eating dinner also. Then when we were done they decided they wanted ice cream and invited me along. It was the best helado ive ever had. It was hard for me to order because i didnt know what all the flavors were, but i picked three good ones. We decided to eat the ice cream outside, which seemed like a good idea at first, but i was shivering on the walk home. Who would have thought i would be shivering on the first of july. O well it made the apartment feel even warmer.
So thought id just update everyone on my day...this is probably the longest blog ill have, i dont think ill have this much time on my hands the rest of the trip. Think ill read a little bit and then head to bed. I know in texas its only 9 o clock but im sleepy.

Goodnight all,

and p.s. i will post the pics ive taken in the morning, and no i still havent bought a pillow, i started the search this morning then got destracted and forgot lol, a shocker huh?, but i made due last night with folded up hoodies and sweats lol and i can do the same tonight it was just as comfortable

Thursday, June 30, 2011

pics of other stuff

Dont I Look Rich? Its only about 30 US $

keys to our apartment : )

My room and apartment

the bed

and no im not living in a funhouse or anything I just dont know how to turn it lol

the room after i got ahold of it : )

the stairs i have to walk up...even if i wasnt dancing id still be in awesome shape by the time i got back

this is the area i will be updating everyone in

the kitchen

pictures of the confusing shower, and shared living area later