Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 3- July 1st, 2011 ¨oh the places you will go¨

En la manana (in the morning)

Sitting in Havana, a cafe, waiting on my dos medialunas y te on lemon (2 croissants and tea with lemon) Just walked down the street a ways to see what was around. Its a very busy street. The internet was right, it is very european here. Not many latin american cities that i know of have a cafe on every corning...but im not complaining : ) And the people seem to be very laid back here, which doesnt completely shock me. Its 11 am here and several of the tables are full of people just talking and sipping on their coffee. Ive yet to meet an angry or rude person here, however, id hate to hear what they say while they are driving....They drive like bats out of hell down here. I was told that the only true threat to my life down here would be a bus, car, or motorcyle. They dont seem to pay attention or follow many traffic laws. However i cant say its any better in New York, LA or Dallas for that matter.

En la noche (at night)

After my little excursion to the cafe i went back to the apartment and picked up some of my money because i found a place to exchange it. However they sent me back because i didnt have my passport on me. so i made a second trip. Then i walked all over the town. Ive never seen so many cafes bars and antique shops in such a small area, but it was really neat. I found a book store which is good because i only brought two books with me and i finished the first one in two days, and im starting the second one now. Once i start to classes on monday i dont think ill have much time to read though. Ive been kinda lost will all this free time on my hands im not used to it.
Any ways, after about three hours of walking i was getting cold so i went back to the apartment to warm up and read a little. Then i went and walked around on the other side of my apartment for about an hour and a half, and managed to find a really cool park. Think i might go run there tomorrow. Then the neighborhoods started to look a little sketchy, so i turned around and walked back towards my apartments. Later I found out i was right to turn around, its not a bad neighborhood per say but it has its moments, and wouldnt be the best place for me to go especially by myself.
Then once again i headed back to warm up and finish my book. Later i met nathan (the guy in charge) and Mariella (the tango teacher) at Origen a coffee shop. I actually drank over half of a cafe con leche. It wasnt so bad, i think their coffee is better here than in america, especially starbucks. Then i was given a tour of the neighborhood, he showed me the directions of where i shouldnt go at night, and i got to see two of the dance studios. I would have to say that was my favorite part. They are both in really cool buildings and have unique set ups. I cant wait to take class.
Then i got to meet two of the other girls that are in the dance program with me. We went to their apartment but the lights were out so other than the structure i couldnt really see what they looked like, but both girls were nice.
I decided to walk home but around the corner from my apartment i heard tango music coming from a bar cafe so i decided to go in. There was a couple on a small stage doing the tango. so i sat down at a table (dont worry my back was to the wall so i could see everything around me, my daddy taught me well) and watched the end of their little show. Then i just people watched a bit. Apparantly i dont stick out too much because everyone speaks to me in spanish and expects me to understand what they are saying, sometimes i do, sometimes i dont, sometimes i just fake it.
Then i was hungry so i went home and ate a peanut butter sandwhich. I timed it just right because my roommates were eating dinner also. Then when we were done they decided they wanted ice cream and invited me along. It was the best helado ive ever had. It was hard for me to order because i didnt know what all the flavors were, but i picked three good ones. We decided to eat the ice cream outside, which seemed like a good idea at first, but i was shivering on the walk home. Who would have thought i would be shivering on the first of july. O well it made the apartment feel even warmer.
So thought id just update everyone on my day...this is probably the longest blog ill have, i dont think ill have this much time on my hands the rest of the trip. Think ill read a little bit and then head to bed. I know in texas its only 9 o clock but im sleepy.

Goodnight all,

and p.s. i will post the pics ive taken in the morning, and no i still havent bought a pillow, i started the search this morning then got destracted and forgot lol, a shocker huh?, but i made due last night with folded up hoodies and sweats lol and i can do the same tonight it was just as comfortable


  1. sounds like a good day for you...enjoy your down time you need and deserve it...Ms. Laura said Hello...she called with lots of questions about your trip..she just got back from Cabo...

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Be careful and don't venture to far by yourself. Did you read 44th st.? The food sounds wonderful. The Tango!!!

  3. @ Mama i have been enjoying my down time, tell miss laura hi for me!!!

    @ Nanny i did have a wonderful day, and dont worry im staying close to home til i get acquainted with the city. I did read 44th st and it was great!!! i could hardly put it down. right now im reading the kiss, looking like its gonna be another good one : )