Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 6- first day of classes

If you read my previous blog, then you probably already guesses that I had to drag myself out of be, because I had to wake up at 8 am. If you know me, then you know I don't wake up at 8 am in any time zone, but that's 6 am Texas time. Anyways, I had packed my bag with snacks, and dance shoes, And extra layers, the last night. All I had to do this morning is shower and dress, which took me an hour because I had to convince myself to get into the shower, and out of the shower, it's sooo cold here in the mornings. Then the adventure began.
Our roomie Laura has been here for three months, so she showed us the way. We have to walk like five blocks to get to the subte(subway), then we ride the c line for three stops, then we get off and get on the b line and then ride thAt for another 3 or 4 stops. Then we get off and walk like five or six blocks to the studio, and this is all before class.
Five of us in the program took ballet, along with some other argentine students. The studio was tiny, I kicked and got kicked I don't know how many times.
The instructor "chichi" is very sweet, but she only speaks Spanish. It was a ballet class so I could sort of follow along, but I would have to admit I was a little thrown off. There were times when I knew exactly what she was saying, and other times not so much. I still really enjoyed the class.
I then had a break so me and one of my roomies went to the supermarcado And I bought water and some strawberries, that look very fresh but I haven't tries them yet. Then we went back to the studio and ate a snack and waited. Once the next class was over, it was time for my individual. I lllloooovvvveeeedddd it. I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone, but I got a lot of good specific corrections, even though they were in Spanish. I think these individuals are going to be very helpful.
Next was my roommates turn, and I waited because we Are both new to this subte thing...boy are we new!!!
When her class was done we bundled up and hiked to the subte, got on the b line and got off at the right stop, then we accidently got on the green line, then had to ride back, then we finally got on the blue line but got off at a stop too early, so we had to walk really far.
We made it to our new favorite cafe and ate some empanadas and salad to refuel, then it was time to head back to class.
So we walked again to the subte, but we took the right trains this time, probably only becAuse we ran into our other roomie at the subte. Anyways we nicked to another studio in the same area, but a little bit farther down the road. This studion was a little bit bigger and actualy had marley floor, which is next to impossible to find down here. So we took another ballet class, then road the bus home because it stops closer to our apartment then the subte and it's night time. But the four of us got off the bus a couple of stops late, and had to hike once again.
This is when I decided that I deserved helado. We put our stuff up at the apartment and ran into another roommate that just arrived, so we went to get helado, and it was ofcourse delicious.
It was such a long day. All the Spanish can be a little overwhelming, and mentally exhausting. And all the walking and dancing is physically exhausting...I'm already sore, can't imagine what I will feel like tomorrow, but it is definitely satisfying. And now it's bed time.
Happy fourth everyone!!! And I will post pics of the last coue of days in the morning, I have free time then, because Spanish classes dont stArt til next Monday and that will be my morning activity.


  1. Good for you! I am loving the fact you get to take so many of us along on your journey! SO exciting to read all about your day!

  2. sounds like some of our trips on the NY subway...glad you are enjoying class....

  3. I am so happy that you are having an adventurous good time....Be careful and enjoy every minute of your trip....Love ya much