Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 8- July 6th shall we dance?

After a night in with the girls, we all slept in. We didn't have any classes til four so I took my time getting up and ready. We had tango first, at a studio none if us have been to, so we all decided to meet up and travel together at 3:20. Well we couldn't figure out what bus if any would take us there so we decided to walk. We walked for an hour before we got there. Obviously we were late. If this was ballet it wouldn't have been a big deal but the tango class is only an hour and a half, and in rented space.
The tango class was created just for those of us in the dance abroad program and Mariela ( the instuctor) brought three of her intermediate male students. Tango was created as a form of communication between groups of people who spoke different languages, which is quite fitting. It was a little awkward as any partner dancing is. We learned the basic steps, a played a few partnering games which helped with leading and following, and the awkwardness. By the end we were all more comfortable and it was a lot of fun.
For simplicity purposes we shared a cab to the next studio for "modern" which was actually jazz, but had a contemporary feel. There isn't really any modern classes here, but it was a good class and I really enjoyed it. After the jazz class there was a tap class, and I had my tap shoes on me. If I wasn't so hungry I would have stayed for it, but I will next week.
We were all hungry so we stopped at a market on the way home. I bought me some salami, cheese, and crackers. O and cookies and a bottle of wine. I snacked on the cookies on the way home, they're awesome. I haven't partaked in the wine yet, I was too tired. After I ate dinner, I headed to my room for some down time, at 9:30!!!! So early for me, but it was an exhausting day!
Pictures to come, love and miss everyone! Besitos!!

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  1. I can't wait to see your tango when you get the time your ready to go home you will be a pro at getting around..