Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 9- July 7th Hablas Espanol?

Today was the day for us to get registered for Spanish lessons at UBA. We were supposed to meet Nicky at her apartment at 8:30 so we were supposed to leave at 8:15, and guess what time I woke up? 7:55. So I jumped in and out of the shower quickly, and got dressed, and I was still the first one waiting by the door to leave. I need to give lessons on quick exits, because I have them down pact.
So we hauled booty to Nickys apartment, because it is kind of a far walk. She walked us to UBA, and we got into line. Even though the office doesn't open until nine, everyone gets in line early. When it was our turn they told us to come back at noon to take the placement exam. It was a good thing we had to come back,because none of us brought our passports, which we apparently needed.
Since it was so early we stopped at a cafe for coffee and medialunas and filled out our forms. We went and got our passports and then headed back to UBA, this time we got to take the bus. We took our tests and got registered. By then when had 30 minutes to get to Tango, so we grabbed a cab and got there 5 minutes early this time :).
Tango was much more comfortable this time, and it was fun. We played more partnering games and worked on some of the technique of tango.
We went back to the apartment after and relaxed, I even got a nap. And stretched and listened to music. Later that evening we took the subte and headed to ballet class. I had so much energy on the way there, the relaxing helped. After class I was so tired and weak. When I got home I ate the rest of my salami and cheese, and now I'm headed to bed.

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