Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 7- July 5th, 2011 Second Day of Classes

Today I got to sleep in a little bit, which is good, because yesterday exhausted me. Three ballet classes in one day was a little much when I havent been in class in three months, but it was good for me.
Needless to say i woke up very sore. I stayed in bed for an hour after I woke up and read, because I didnt want to move. I had to get up and get dressed finally to meet Nicky, a lady helping with the program, at 12:30. We went to Origen, our meeting spot, and went a head and grabbed lunch. I drank tea and ate this awesome chicken and veggie sandwhich.

It was kinda big, but I ate it all. All this walking and dancing is making me hungrier. But Ive been eating a lot of healthy food, other than the ice cream : ).

Then Nicky walked us around San Telmo a little more. Showed us the market that is near by. We went at the time where most were taking a break, and probably a siesta, so it wasnt that busy. But there were lots of fresh fruits and vegitables.

Alll the fruits here are sooo good and cheap. I didnt buy anything from this market, but overall theres good produce here.

Then Nicky showed us where two of the studios are and some really good restaurants and cafes. She even pointed out the area of where all the art galleries are so Im gonna try to sneak over some time and take a peak. I love the artwork here.

Then we went back to the apartment and headed out to class.

the view from our apartment window

Me and the roomies headed to class

We had a flying low class, which is basically a contemporary class where we spen 98% of our time on the floor, and I loved it. It was a nice contrast to all of the ballet classes.

Then we headed to balllet. On the way to class I bought 6 litres of water, because I was out, and 2 kilos of oranges for 5 pesos. Which was like 12 oranges for $1.25. It was a lot to carry but worth it.

I was much more comfortable in class this time. I finally felt like I was dancing, because yesterday was a little rough. Its all in spanish, its a new teacher, new studios. I could actually perform closer to my own level this time, and it was a good feeling.

We rode the bus home, bought a couple of bottles, dropped our stuff at the apartment, and headed to Laura 2s apartment. We hung out on her roof and had a couple of drinks and ate snacks and talked. They had me bartending. It was so much fun, and exactly what we needed after a long day. We then headed inside and hung out until 330 in the morning like true Argentinians : )

Luckily we get to sleep in, because we have nothing in the morning.


  1. a busy the's nice to see your face..

  2. Jodi this awesome girlie, ti's like I am right there with you... I am glad you are enjoying yourself, and the ballet thing I understand completely lol but your Jodi so you will over come