Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 11 and 12-July 9th and 10th 2011

I know I haven't blogged in a while, I've been kept really busy, but here I go....
I went ahead and combined the weekend because Sunday wasn't that eventful.
Saturday morning we got up around 9:30, and everyone met at our apartment at 10:30 so we could catch a ferry to uruaguay :)
We rode in two taxis to get to the ferry place, and while we waited for Nicky to buy our tickets we went to sit in their little cafe, and then got kicked out of our table because we didn't want anything, even though we were the only people there. While Nicky was trying to pay the teller told her the 100 peso bills she had were fake, even though she knew they weren't because she just got them from the bank.
That's a very common trick here, especially with cab drivers. They'll take it, tell you it's fake, and then hand you a fake 100 peso bill. So the key is to look at the last 3 digits of the serial number on the bill and read it to them so they can't change it.
But anyways, a manager came over and checked them, and of course they were all real. Then we had time until the ferry left so we ended up back in there cafe. Everything was ridiculously priced and so I just got a sprite. Then it was time to get lined up for the fairy, and as we started to walk through the door way, they kicked us back out. It seemed like they kept trying to get rid if us locita Americans, and the Canadian, and the Australian, and the English lady hahaha...but they were just making room for the people who were getting off the ferry.
Sense we were going to another country we went through customs which was quick and easy. Got our passports stamped and everything. And got on the ferry which was practically empty so we all got to sit by the window. Oh, did I mention we just happened to be leaving Argentina on it's independence day? So noone was leaving Argentina. The ferry rude is only 55 minutes and I slept through half if it. But we were crossing the worlds widest river. It's very short though, it's just barely considered a river haha.
When we got to colonia, uruaguay we walked to an adorable restaurant. It was bright and colorful with lots of pictures and character. It had a huge menu, and I just ended up ordering chicken and salad...always a safe choice, and it wAs good. The restraint even had cars outside that they put tables in so you could eat there too, it was very cute. After tha we went into a church and then walked down by the water for a bit. Then we had two hours to separate and do whatever we wanted. I chose to explore and walk around the town. It is much quoted than buenos aires. I went into some stores and came across some cool parks. Later I ran into a couple of the girls and we hung out near our designated meeting spot.
When we all got together, Nicky told us that we missed out on the oldest part of the town so she walked us over and showed us, it's a very neat town. And we they too had Freddo, our favorite ice cream place, so of course we had to have some helado.
Then we walked back toward the port, along the way a sweet little dog followed us sense we had food in our hands, but he stopped two blocks from the port. I wished I could take him with us, but even if I could get him on the ferry, and on to the plane home, there's no way I would have been aloud to bring him home with me haha.
Then I slept the entire time back to buenos aires. This ferry was actually full so we didn't get window seats, but it was dark anyways. Everyone must have been coming to celebrate independence day.
We had plans to go to a club in Palermo with one of our new argentinian dancer friends, actually from uruaguay ironically, but is here studying ballet. However, none of us took into account that everything closed at midnight, so we decided to stay in. But one of our roommates Olivia had people over and had music going, and we invited Laura 2 over and then Gabriela had a couple of people over, and before you know it we has a small party going on.
I stayed up til five am...but other people were still up.. If you know me you know that I'm always the last one to bed, but I was so tired.
Sunday I slept until afternoon. Didn't do much because everything important was closes because it was election day. Two of my too ages and I went to a cafe for a little bit, the I cane back to sleep at the apartment. Later I got up and walked to a nearby park to go run, however it was a beautiful day, finally a little warmer, and Sunday is family day, and there aren't many parks in town, so it was crowded. I ran for ten minutes, then I just people watched. It was a lot of fun though, then I came back to the apartment, and just stayed in the rest of the night.
I'm working on posting pics, just have to find a non temperamental computer, or have the time to mess with it. More blogs to come :) love y'all!!!


  1. Sorry lots of errors, but in typing on my phone and my screen isn't big, and my spell check is dumb and changes words, feel free to ask questions about whatever doesn't make sense :)

  2. so glad the dog didn't come with you...we don't need another dog.....