Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 10- July 8th Adios!

I got up early this morning, and went to morning ballet class, it is the last chance I'll get to take it sense I'm starting Spanish lessons on Monday. It was a nice class, then on my break I walked a couple of blocks to this vegetarian restaurant all the girls have been talking about. It had everything from empanadas to a salad bar to Chinese food. It is owned by Chinese people, in fact there is a large Chinese population here.
Anyways, you get a container and fill it with what you want and then they weigh it and charge you based on how much it weighs. Then they wrap it up and you take it to go. I took it to the studio with me and I sat and ate and read my book while I waited for class to finish. Then it was time for my individual class. I really enjoy it because she is helping me with my specific problems. By the end I was really tired and kept forgetting the combination half way through, chichi decided I was probably done, which I was. Of course it was already time for her to dismiss me anyways.
Then I bundled up and walked to the subte and rode it all by myself for the first time, and I didn't get lost :) then I walked to my apartment, and had fifteen minutes to sit down, then it was time for me to walk to flying low. That was poor planning on my part. I walked to flying low by myself also, and did not get lost, and I was even early enough to set up my pilates class times and start stretching.
Class was great once again, I thoroughly enjoy rolling around on the floor. After class we walked as a group to the nearest subte, which isn't so near, so we could head to ballet class.
I was really tired during this class, it had already been a long day. I even managed to slam my knee into a hook on the wall, which almost brought tears to my eyes. It hit that joint right between the bones, but I kept going of course. My knee is still sore, but luckily it didn't Swell up too much. That class was a little rough only because I was so tired, but eventually my stamina will be built up. After class almost all of the dancers went out to eat to say good bye to one of the Shannons. She's been here for 6 months, and Shes going back home on Monday.
It was a cool restaurant. It was buffet style. They cooked meat and then there was everything else, from fish to Chinese food to salad stuff. We all sat and talked and ate way too much. More than I think I've eaten all week put together. It was good, there were even deserts and ice cream, which we all partaked in. I was really tired, but in true argentine style we sat and ate and talked until one o'clock in the morning.
Then we slowly walked towards the bus stop, saying bye to everyone as they split off. We waited in the cold at the bus stop for what seems like a long one and the bus was finally coming, but it passed us by because it was already full of people. We waited a little while longer, and the next bus came, but it was also full of people so we finally decided to cab it.

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  1. it was good to hear your voice made Daddy's day for sure...