Thursday, June 30, 2011

My room and apartment

the bed

and no im not living in a funhouse or anything I just dont know how to turn it lol

the room after i got ahold of it : )

the stairs i have to walk up...even if i wasnt dancing id still be in awesome shape by the time i got back

this is the area i will be updating everyone in

the kitchen

pictures of the confusing shower, and shared living area later


  1. love the stairs...good work out...

  2. Love those stairs and really love the black and white flooring, the bathroom is a little bit puzzling....The blue bed spread is pretty. You will have that room feeling like home in no time.

  3. the stairs help warm you up too, that is the bonus.

    Thats not the bathroom, it just happens to have a spare comode sitting there lol.